Google Analytics provides great stats for your web site, but understanding its terminology isn't simple. 
Here is a quick guide that will help you get started with some of its key phrases:

  1.  'Top channels' - i.e. top sources of people coming to your web site
  2. Paid search - paid google ads driving people to your site
  3. Organic search - people coming to your site via google/bing without clicking on a paid ad
  4. Direct - people going straight to your web site by typing in its address
  5. Social - i.e. facebook or similar
  6. Referral - this could be links from other web sites, or links sent by email
  7. Bounce rate - percentage of people who only view one page on your site and then leave
  8. Pages / session - average number of pages viewed each time someone visits your site
  9. Users / vs sessions - users is the number of individual visits coming to your site / sessions also counts each visit by an individual (i.e. if a person visits your web site five times - then he would show up as '1 user' visit and '5 sessions')
  10. Goal conversion - we are not using this feature for now, but it can be set to count for example how many people fill in your contact form
Feel free to contact us if you would like help setting up Google Analytics for your web site.

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