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Is your Joomla web site secure?Joomla security analysis

Joomla Core Updates

To keep your site secure, it is important to keep your site up to date with the latest Joomla version available. Most Joomla core updates can be installed without causing disruption to your existing web site functionality, but we can help you examine and test your web sites compatibility with an update. 

Joomla Extension Updates

An often overlooked aspect of Joomla web site security is keeping web site extensions up to date. While the risk of attacks and exploits may be lower for an outdated extension than for an outdated Joomla core installation, site owners who want the highest level of security would be wise to keep their site extensions up to date. This may involve the need to purchase new licenses for commercial extensions. 

We can help you examine your Joomla extensions, recommend the removal of any extensions that are not needed / not secure, and update the remaining extensions as needed. 

Joomla Firewall Installation

Taking Joomla security to another level, we recommend installing a firewall to help further protect your web site from common exploits. The firewall we install for clients includes the masking of your admin login area and automated blocking of suspicious user activity. 

Our Complete Joomla Security Service

We offer a complete service where we can:

  • Update your Joomla core version with the latest security patches
  • Examine your Joomla extensions and update them where necessary
  • Install a firewall to protect your site from common exploits



What is Joomla Content Management?

We specialise in designing web sites using the powerful content management system known as Joomla. 

What's in it for you as a client?

  • Simple content management
    Users only need the skills equivalent to writing an email to be able to use Joomla's system.
  • Powerful features at reasonable prices
    Plugins such as event calendars, shopping carts, membership subscriptions and much more can be installed and configured
  • Affordable Pricing 
    The open source systems we use help reduce the overall cost of developing a quality web site.
  • A broad designer community
    A significant number of designers use Joomla in Australia and abroad. This means that you are not stuck with one designer 'for life', but can easily migrate from one to another. 
Email Hosting

Email Hosting

We offer a range of services from simple office email addresses to a premium web mail solution synced to smart phone devices

Web Hosting

Web Hosting

We have business and charity plans available. Ask for a quote scaled to meet your individual hosting needs


Web Design

Smart phone friendly web sites that are also easy for you to update with cutting edge content management systems

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