The Senior Entrepeneur

This web site is still under development, but features at this stage: yoozoma

  • A landing page for site visitors
  • A mailing list sign-up form
  • A free offer for those who sign up for the mailing list
  • Fully Responsive Layout

Thanks to team member Anneke who assisted in this project.

5 free online tools to find business ideas


If you are over 50 and are asking yourself...

Is it too late to start a business venture at my age?

Can I really turn my passion into a business?

How do I find the right business for me at this stage of my life?

Do I have what it takes personally to build a successful business?

…You're in the RIGHT place.

Yoozoma shows people how to leverage their current knowledge, skills and life experience to build a business.

Yoozoma provides information, inspiration and support to turn ideas into action, in the mature phase of work-life transtion.

We show how new work practices, new technologies and internet resources can streamline the business creation process.

If you want to build a business, Yoozoma will help you along the journey.