Rising Sun Reds

This web site features:risingsunreds - Kalahari Red Goats for sale Queensland Australia

 Magnificent Kalahari Red & Boer Goats- Bucks & Does
Breeding Does & Working Bucks in smaller 1 to 100 or larger quantities are also available for export to any country. Call for pricing.

FOB Warwick, Queensland Australia. - International Shipping via Air available from registered/ importers exporters.

Sired by top quality or registered buck(s) in Australia and/or South Africa- Albie Horn (Founder of the Kalahari Reds) and Wonderpan genetics and others.

Kalahari Reds

Interest in the Kalahari Red breed is worldwide. The hardiness of the breed, its excellent walking ability and good mothering attributes make it ideally suited to the harsh conditions predominant in large parts of Asia, South Africa and Australia. Does & Bucks use their sharp horns to protect their young.