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Remar Australia is a Christian outreach ministry dedicated to helping those who have been marginalized by society. Remar Australia (part of Remar International) provides long-term support and residential rehabilitation to people who are struggling with drug and alcohol addictions.

In developed countries Remar works primarily with substance abusers, while in Third World countries we work to improve the living conditions of children, families and communities by providing for their basic needs, (food, shelter, education) but also by establishing self-sustaining development projects, with an aim to change the structures that contribute to the perpetuation of poverty.

In Australia we work primarily in providing substance abusers with recovery opportunities that focus on healing their physical, emotional and spiritual needs. Additionally, we also provide help and support to those who need to learn basic life-skills and offer assistance to anyone experiencing major difficulties coping with problems in their life.

We believe that through spiritual development, every person is capable of being the agent of change in their lives.