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Thanks to team member Robert for putting this site together! - Photographic Tours and Lessons

 Join a journey in some of the world's most pristine natural real estate as you photographically scout countries that are deemed as amongst the most picturesque in the world. Technical and artistic advice will always be at hand. There will be 'workshop' opportunities to introduce and maintain skills required to successfully capture your surrounding environment.

Itineraries have been designed to appreciate a healthy dose of time allocation in each location in order to soak everything in and to be able to successfully interpret an areas character and running themes. Locations have been 'hand picked' to demonstrate an offering of great diversity with contrasts in geographical elements, day time differences, light variance, colour palette, seasonal characteristics, and spiritual dimension.

Photogenic Journeys endeavours to act as a catalyst to all like-minded amateur through professional photographers out there who would heed the call. The call to venture out and explore enticing locations around the globe while developing skill-sets along the way and ultimately harvesting your own photographic fortuity. It's a call to reach out to a location's photographic potential while still maintaining environmental balance, cohesiveness and general respect for creation as well as our fellow man.

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