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 Kidu Fundraising is a great crowd funding platform for people to raise funds to make things possible. Every day we come across with people who have great ideas in their mind, we meet people who really need funds to get things done. There so many in our society need money. In and around our world a small donation can make somebody's life much better. KIDU FUNDRAISING is a great way to achieve these goals by community support.

How does it work?

It's very simple. You may need money for your new project, for your holiday, for a community activity, for some medical support or for treating your pets... you count it...
Then, you create a new project in Kidu Fundraising and share your cause among your friends. You can also request your friends to promote your projects. Kidu Fundraising platform will allow you to offer a reward in returns of their support. At Kidu Fundraising, our team can also help to publish our on rewards and can change rewards frequently which will help more funds for your project. Please contact us if you need a help.

Kidu Fundraising provides the great opportunity to present your ideas to a large audience, worldwide and get their support.

How supporters will pay

Kidu Fundraising accepts PayPal, Bank Transfer, MasterCard, and Visa...