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Thanks to team member Anneke for her work on this site. - Kepri Gems Wholesale Gemstones

 We are gemstone wholesalers located in Melbourne and supply color stones only to local jewellers. To remain competitive and be able to present inventory to our trade customers we run this business online.

To full fill requirements of customers we do carry stones from low to top quality. At Kepri gems we can arrange any kind of color stone within 3 weeks if it’s not in our current stock. We are working with suppliers from Sri Lanka, India and Thailand which enable us to arrange from low to top quality stones within few weeks at really competitive price.

Our philosophy is to keep customers happy. At Kepri Gems we try our best to run our business as our customers want it to be.

My Story

I started my career as jewellery apprentice and then studied gem cutting and basic gem identification. Worked and completed further studied in identification of treated and synthetic Rubies, Sapphires and Emerald from AIGS Thailand. In addition to that I also studied diamond grading from AAGS Australia.