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Thanks to team member Robert for his assistance with this site. - Learn Japanese Online

 Our small group lessons will develop your speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading, grammar, vocabulary and Kanji.
They have an average of 2 to 4 students per lesson and a maximum of 7 students.
There are 18 different types of classes available so whatever your level, you can find a class to suit your needs.    
FlexLessons are better than Private lessons if you are busy.With FlexLessons, you can take as many lessons as you want a day.
At whatever time (see lesson schedule), with any teacher, at your level and on whatever day - at your own pace.

Aren't private lessons faster and more effecient ?
Not at all. Our modular curriculum system is based the most effective methods to learn Japanese.
Please try 3 Trial FlexLessons with our $9 or 900 yen Japanese course learner                   
● Need a private Japanese teacher ?

If you prefer the one-on-one environment,but don't need the flexibility offered by FlexLessons, then Private Lessons are perfect for you.A first-rate, qualified Japanese teacher will create tailor-made lessons for youThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
● Choose both or either !

You can vary your learning and combine Group and Private learning.
Our most diligent learners often make the most of all the unique FlexLesson features, and tailor-made private lessons.