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Thanks to team member Anneke for this lovely web design job. - Award Winning Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The two major varieties of olive trees planted in the Hillcrest grove are the traditional Tuscan cultivars, Frantoio and Leccino. These trees produce fruit of medium oil content and outstanding character. Our trees have been selected because of their oil quality rather than oil quantity. The oil derived from the olive varieties in our grove is carefully blended to produce aromatic and medium intensity extra virgin oil. In recent years the Hillcrest blend has received excellent reviews and awards. It is regarded as premium extra virgin oil.

High in Healthy Monounsaturated Fat

At Hillcrest, careful attention is given to all aspects of production, so that you are assured of receiving an oil of distinctive character that will enhance your favourite dishes. And, most importantly, an oil that can truly be labelled “Extra Virgin Olive Oil”

Each season, independent laboratory tests are carried out to analyse our extra virgin oil