GPS: Charity Projects

This web site features a huge searchable directory of Charity projects. Its features include: GPS

  • Customised Joomla template
  • Google Map of Projects
  • Advanced search
  • Zoo directory
  • Importing hundreds of projects
  • Joomla web hosting

Thanks to Robert and the rest of the team who helped with this job. - Global Poverty Solutions

 Global Poverty Solutions provides a suite of options to enable you to fulfill your philanthropic passions. You can support any number of our 100+ projects that may align with your passions whilst enjoying the benefits of tax-deductibility and the confidence that your donations will achieve the greatest impact. Alternatively, we can enable you to support a project you have witnessed in a developing country with the same tax-deductibility and quality assurance benefits.

Global Poverty Solutions has been managing international development projects and conducting due diligence on international partners for over ten years. This experience will give you confidence that your donations will be effective in providing solutions to the causes of poverty.