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Thanks to team member Anneke for her great work on the animated graphic. - Correct Posture for Computer Desks

Problem: Eyes may become itchy, tired, blood shot or you may have problems with focusing.

Cause: Incorrect eye glasses

Solution: Visit your optometrist for assessment. You might find having a separate pair of glasses for computer work only works well.

Cause: Screen position incorrect (see image)


Solution: Screen should be at arms length from your body. The top of the screen should be level with your eyebrows, and the bottom of the screen tilted slightly upwards. This ensures the eyelid is partially covering the eyeball and the blink action will moisten the eye.

Cause: Working for long periods without a break from focusing on the screen.

Solution: Good work habits of looking away from the screen and focusing on a distant object every 5 minutes for a few seconds relaxes the eye focus muscles. Also consciously blink the eye lid and move the eyeball side to side and up and down each hour. There are some suggested eye exercises on the 'Helpful Exercises' page .

It is advisable to consult your Doctor if symptoms do not change in a 48 hour period and after you have attempted to make work place changes.