Joomla Portfolio


This page features our extensive Joomla Web Design Portfolio.
Click on any of the images to zoom in and feel free to contact us if you want to take advantage of our Aussie Joomla design services.


Tradesman Uploads

This Joomla web site features:tradesmanuploads

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Template Switcher that automatically displays a mobile friendly version of the Joomla template
  • K2 powered directory of trades
  • Facebook and Twitter account creation
  • Online subscription system - trades men directory Australia


Camberwell South Carnival

camberwellsouth This Joomla web site features:

  • Budget Joomla design package and template
  • Spam Protected contact form
  • Site statistics via Google Analytics
  • Joomla Instructions provided in Word format - Camberwell South Carnival


Tactile Navigation

tactileTactile Navigation is a Victorian based company with years of experience in the supply and installation of tactiles, stairnosing and entrance matting, providing a nationwide service through their trained and certified crews.

Their Joomla content management web site features:

  • Content management powered slideshow
  • Product catalog using K2
  • Photo Gallery
  • Contact form - Tactile Navigation


Grazyna's Gourmet Catering

This CMS web design project features:Grazyna Gourmet Catering

  • Customised Template design
  • Contact form
  • CMS powered, user friendly photo gallery
  • CMS tutorial (Joomla) 
  • Joomla friendly web hosting
  • Automated backups and security upgrades of Joomla

Grazyna’s Gourmet Catering, caters for corporate luncheons, morning, lunch or evening staff meetings, product launches. Professional development luncheons, birthday parties, engagements, weddings, wakes or any other function that needs to be catered for.


Frastrac Pinball Sales

frastrac pinball Joomla web siteFrastrac sells pinball machines, buy pinballs, trade pinballs/arcade machines and does corporate pinball events from it base in Inverloch, South Gippsland.

The web site features:

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Virtuemart 2.0 as a product catalog
  • Spam protected contact form
  • CMS tutorial (Joomla) in Word
  • Joomla Web Hosting


All Pro Cleaning

All Pro Cleaning provides General Cleaning, Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning throughout Melbourne. allprocleaning

Their web site features:

  • Joomla 2.5 customised template
  • Content Management powered site including photo gallery 
  • Joomla Instructions provided
  • SEF friendly urls


Medical Doctor

This web site advertises the need for medical doctors in the Southern Downs area of Queensland. medicaldoctor
The site features:

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Contact form with spam protection
  • Budget Joomla web site design and Joomla hosting - doctor needed, Warwick, Southern Downs, Queensland 

Real Estate Uploads

A Real Estate Directory where users can submit and advertise their rental / sale properties via Facebook or Twitter.realestateuploads

The site features:

  • K2 powered directory of properties and agents
  • Flexible and fully automated subscriptions through the Akeeba Subscriptions component
  • Facebook page setup
  • Twitter account setup

The site was created in part with the help of PixelFire


Enviro Bike Box

This web site features:envirobikebox

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Custom developed order price calculator with links for payment via paypal
  • Google advertising
  • RSS news feeds from Cycling Australia
  • Joomla Hosting

Enviro Bike - bike cases australia



This Joomla web site features:petromech

  • Customised Joomla CMS template 
  • User populated slideshow compatible with Ipad/ smartphones
  • Drop-down menu featuring product icons
  • Spam protected contact forms


LookIntoIt - Video/Audio Gallery web site

This web site features:lookintoit

  • Large Video and Audio Gallery powered by Joomla 
  • Related videos appearing in side module
  • Customised Joomla template design
  • Complete instructions for maintaining/updating web site - Amazing video stories


AAAFI web sites

We have developed some templates for AAAFI's financial advisors across Australia. It features:lifeinsure

  • Customised Joomla Templates
  • Rapid web site deployment solution
  • Centrally updated information automatically displayed on all web sites
  • Google map display
  • Contact forms
  • Joomla tutorial
  • Australian Joomla Hosting

Bushwalking Clubs Victoria

We were contacted by Bushwalking Victoria to develop a templated solution that could be implemented on many of their individual walking clubs web sites. The project involved:

  • Customising 3 templates with a total of 15 template styles to suit the bushwalking clubsbushclubs1
  • Setup a forum, photo gallery, backup system, file management and user management
  • Provide complete instrucitons to site owners to maintain their own sites

MNY Group Chartered Accountants

mnygroupThis site features customised Joomla template design, sliding content tabs, google map, spam protected contact forms. It also features a Joomla written tutorial so the user can make full use of the powerful Joomla CMS system.

MNY Group provides a wide range of accounting services to assist you - whether you be a business or an individual. 
Their goal is to relieve the paperwork pressure for you, while saving you both money and time. 

Bookkeeping Services

Their services include a range of professional bookkeeping services for you including BAS and complete payroll services. See the bookkeeping service page for more information.


CQL Productions

We did not design the template for this site - however we did provide:cqlproductions

  • Joomla instructions and guidance
  • Setup of Joomla slideshow
  • Setup portfolio page with auto-generated icons
  • Google analytics
  • General troubleshooting - documentary video production


PTL Sewing Contractors

This Sewing Contractor web site features:ptlenterprises

  • Customised Joomla Template Design to suit sewing industry
  • Joomla Slideshow
  • Google Advertising
  • Aussie Joomla Web Hosting - sewing contractors Melbourne


Elite Home Services

We teamed up with Dandy Web Design to complete this project. This site features:elitehomeservices

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Google Advertising setup
  • Contact form
  • Service Slideshow
  • Supply of professional photos to illustrate services
  • Aussie Joomla Hosting - security doors, renovations and more


Berwick Pony Club

This charity Joomla cms web site features:berwickponyclub

  • Customised joomla template to suit club branding
  • User managed slideshow, photo gallery and events calendar
  • Joomla written tutorial customised to the site
  • Google analytics powered site statistics
  • Discounted Charity Joomla Hosting - Berwick Pony Club


Bayside Baptist Church

This Church web site features:baysidebaptist

  • Joomla template customisation
  • Content Management Instructions
  • Google Calendar integration for upcoming events
  • Audio Sermons download / play
  • Charity / Church Joomla Hosting Special - Manly West Baptist Church



Coffs Church and School

This coffsJoomla web site design project featured:

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Easy to follow instructions for ongoing site maintenance
  • Mp3 sermon player
  • Google Analytics for monitoring site visits Coffs ACE Christian School - Coffs Bible Church


Its Time - Now

itstimenowThis large Joomla web site has recently been updated from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3. You can compare the old - non smart-phone friendly - design on the left, to the new design below. 

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Social Media Icons - Twitter, Facebook Share buttons
  • Mp3 player
  • Smart Phone Friendly
  • Features Google translate to auto-translate all web site text to over 50 different language
  • Joomla Tutorial dramatic changes in world history

itstime now