Joomla Portfolio


This page features our extensive Joomla Web Design Portfolio.
Click on any of the images to zoom in and feel free to contact us if you want to take advantage of our Aussie Joomla design services.


Mount Moriah Trust

This charity web site features:mount moriah trust

  • Upgrade from Joomla 1.5 to Joomla 3
  • Mobile friendly design
  • International currency donation system
  • Mailchimp newsletters - Mount Moriah Trust Charity


Geelong Bushwalking Club

This web site features:geelongbushwalking

  • Customised Joomla template
  • Joomla web hosting
  • Photo gallery and user guide 


Darwin Community Church

We recently did a facelift to the Darwin Community Church web site.darwincommunitychurch

  • Mobile friendly design
  • Customised Joomla template

Thanks to team member Robert for working on this web site. 


Progenesis Redesign

We recently redesigned the Progenesis web site:Progensoft 1

  • Smart phone friendly and modern Joomla design
  • Animate on load features

Thanks to team member Robert for his great work on this web site. - Australia's #1 Property
Management Software


The Shelter Shed

This charity web site features:thesheltershed

  • Customised and smart phone friendly Joomla template
  • Trendy design
  • Donation system
  • Joomla charity web hosting

Thanks to team member Robert for his great work on this site. - Shelter Shed Charity Ipswich Queensland


Bethel Gospel

This Melbourne north church web site features:bethelgospel

  • Slideshow
  • Large map
  • Paypal donation form
  • Smart phone friendly design
  • Australian based web hosting

Thanks to team member Rubina for her work on this site. - Bethel Gospel Centre Melbourne Ps. Titus


CPT Pump

This web site features:cptpump

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • One Page Design

Thanks to team member Robert for putting this site together. - Screed and Sand Pump hire Melbourne


Hobson's Bay Library

This web site project featured:librarieshobsonsbay

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Help with K2 and Joomla user guides on video

Thanks to team member Anneke for her great work on this site.


The Anzac Call

This web site for the Beersheba 100th anniversary includes:

  • Customised Joomla templateAnzac
  • Smart phone friendly design
  • Donation system
  • Slideshow
  • Melbourne Joomla Web Hosting & Support - Christian Anzac Beersheba Memorial


Beersheba 100th Anniversary

This special commemoration web site features:Beersheba 100th Anniversary

  • Customised Joomla Template
  • Slideshow
  • Contact Form
  • Joomla tutorial + Instructions
  • Joomla Web Hosting - BEERSHEBA 100TH ANNIVERSARY


GPS: Charity Projects

This web site features a huge searchable directory of Charity projects. Its features include: GPS

  • Customised Joomla template
  • Google Map of Projects
  • Advanced search
  • Zoo directory
  • Importing hundreds of projects
  • Joomla web hosting

Thanks to Robert and the rest of the team who helped with this job. - Global Poverty Solutions


Razer Sharp Mobile Knife Sharpening

This web site project features:razersharp

  • Smart phone friendly web site design
  • Photography Service
  • Text Writing Service
  • Australian Web Hosting

Thanks to team member Robert for his great work on this site. - MELBOURNE MOBILE KNIFE SHARPENING


Perth Ballroom Dancing

This web site project involved:perthballroomdancing

  • Install and customise mobile friendly template
  • Install a Zoo directory to manage the listings of dancing clubs
  • Install event booking to handle an events calendar
  • Joomla web hosting - social ballroom dancing events