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Convert Existing Site to Joomla

Converting an existing web site to Joomla is easier said than done. I specialise in converting sites to Jmeaningful-change2oomla and can ensure your site has a smooth transition to Joomla.

My Joomla site conversions include:

  • Customising a template to match your original design
  • Improvements to site if needed
  • Protection of existing search engine ranking
    Site rankings are easily lost when one converts a site to Joomla - resulting in less visitors to your site. However, I use advanced redirects to ensure that your existing Google ranking gets maintained and the new pages are picked up in Google's search engine.
  • Complete user instructions provided
  • Latest version of Joomla guaranteed

Contact me using the form on the left for a free quote for converting your site to Joomla's excellent content management system.


Specialised Joomla Web Hosting

We offer specialised Joomla Web Hosting from our base in Melbourne, Australia.

Why Specialised Joomla Hosting?

Joomla web sites can run on a wide variety of hosting platforms. However, due to restrictions on some platforms, day to day tasks in Joomla can become very hard if your site is on an 'unfriendly' server. It can be a nightmare to install components, upload images, improve the URLS to search engine friendly urls etc.

Our Australian server currently hosts 100's of Joomla web sites smoothly. 

As experienced Joomla web site designers, we can in addition offer you specialised Joomla support when needed. 

Feature of Joomla Web Hosting

We resell hosting through Australia's 3rd largest provider and can therefore offer:


Joomla Web Design Services

Joomla web developer is proud to offer complete Joomla Web Design services from its base in Melbourne.

Joomla is a suitable solution for the smallest business or charity web site, while also being equipped to handle the demands of large corporate web sites.


Joomla Templates


Joomla Web Developer has a wide variety of professional Joomla templates available. These templates are used as a starting point for your web site, and from there the templates are customised to suit your individual taste and requirements.

I can help you: